Eyeglass Basics

Eyeglasses are more popular today than ever, despite the availability of contact lenses and surgery for vision correction. Frame styles branded with high profile designer names are always in demand. Frame materials have evolved with the advent of new plastics and various types of metals.

Pro Design Frames For safety glasses, you may want an extra tough plastic, such as polycarbonate. If you suffer from skin allergies, hypoallergenic metals such as titanium or stainless steel are good choices. Certain frames are made with highly flexible metal alloys, which reduce the possibility of breakage. Spring hinges improve durability and are a great option for children’s eyewear.

Frame Styles

Eyeglasses have also become quite popular as fashion accessories, with wearers choosing different colors and styles available to match their wardrobes.

Different Frame Styles Multi-colored inlays, composite materials, designer emblems, and enhancements, such as insets of precious stones, can also be found in certain frame styles.

Rimless styles have become more popular in recent years as an understated way to wear eyeglasses without obvious frames. Rimless styles mainly involve attaching plastic or metal temples directly onto the lenses rather than onto a frame. The logos shown below are some of the Brands that we carry.

Maui Jim Eyewear & Sunglasses Safilo Nike Vision Eyewear Carrera Sunglasses Adrienne Vittadini Flexon Marchon Frames & Eyewear Helium Paris Eyewear Collection Spy Sunglasses Match Eyewear Silhouette Eyewear Roxy Eyewear Skaga Scandinavian Eyewear Prodesign of Denmark Eyewear Quiksilver Eyewear and Eyeglasses Juicy Couture

We have the most fashionable eyewear designs available on the market today.

Advances in Eyeglass Lenses

You also have many options when choosing the lenses for your eyeglasses. Among the most popular types of lenses and lens options prescribed today include the following:

Eyeglass lenses for presbyopia

Presbyopia is the normal, age-related loss of near focusing ability that makes reading and other close-up work more difficult around age 40.

This means that the usual type of eyeglass lenses you've likely been accustomed to wearing, known as Bifocal Lenssingle vision lenses, no longer will work well for you.

Multifocal eyeglass lenses available for presbyopia correction include:

 If you see well in the distance without the need for eyeglasses, simple reading glasses with single-vision lenses may be all you need to deal with near-vision problems caused by presbyopia. 

Advice for Buying Eyeglasses

Your appearance, personal taste, occupation, and lifestyle should all be considered when choosing eyeglasses. We can help you choose frames and lenses that both complement your appearance and meet your lifestyle needs. Come in to check out our latest frames styles.